Our Services
Betontest Ingenieurdienstleistungen offers services in the field of non-destructive testing in civil engineering. Here we develop solutions, apply our techniques and offer consultancy. In the field of concrete testing we focus especially on
  • examination of concrete integrity, i. e. detection of voids and honeycombing,
  • load proving of ceilings of industrial buildings and residential constructions ,
  • detection of reinforcement bars and measurement of concrete coverage,
  • analysis of building damages,
  • detection of hidden components and measurement of wall thickness in case of single-sided accessibility, these are the tasks defined by the german guideline RI-ZFP-TU, which regulates the quality control of tunnel liners,
  • thickness measurement of concrete,
  • evaluation of cracks in concrete buildings which must fulfill certain tightness against polluting liquids,
  • localization of tendon ducts,
  • vibration measurements,
  • measurement of noise and
  • consultancy in the field of building state examinations, choose of test methods and data analysis.
Betontest develops concepts for testing techniques in the course of structural maintenance of tunnels, bridges, streets and buildings. Betontest offers broad consultations in the field of non-destructive testing in civil engineering. Betontest is your competent partner for quality assurance before and after your structure is put into operation. Betontest assists you when you need to join measurement results and findings in order to evaluate these fusioned data. Trust in our know-how.

Scaffold for Bridge Inspection Scaffold for Bridge Inspection

Bridge Inspection
After stripping the formwork of a bridge segment large areas of honey combing where found at the concrete surface. Betontest evaluated the segment and found further zones of honey combing and voids in areas where the surface did not show any indications of the existence of any failure.