Do you have questions concerning the ability of applying non-destructive testing? Do you want to construct your structure or building so that the proof of certain properties may be accomplished utilizing non-destructive evaluation techniques? Then make use of our consulting services.

Do you plan a construction activity where noise pollution must be considered? We provide concepts for the evaluation of noise and its avoidance in order to help you to minimize possible conflicts with the neighborhood of your building site. If desired we perform the measurements and report them. Our reports help you to present the real noise immissions. Documentation of immitted noise is the only way to prevent unfounded discussions.

Are there questions concerning the actual state of your building? Do you have questions before or during the production phase concerning parts which should be built in? We name possibilities to clarify these. If the inspections are performed by a third party we support you in data analysis.

Are you responsible for quality assurance in a plant producing pre-fabricated elements and looking for possibilities to enhance your quality assurance process? Then call us. We develop concepts for your tasks. These cover the recognition of features to be examined including transparent and database supported quality documentation. We also offer our service for the invention or enhancement of a component accompanying quality documentation. If you like to inform your customers about your quality standards, we present these in an understandable and appealing manner.

Evaluation techniques in civil engineering Evaluation techniques in civil engineering

Choice of evaluation techniques
Beginning from the definition of the customers evaluation task Betontest develops the evaluation technique which consists of data aquisition and data analysis techniques. Betontest acts as a consultant without favoring a certain test method. Our goal is the best achievable test result. If the definition of the evaluation task is done before construction we help you to design a structure exhibiting best evaluation possibilities.