Building Diagnostics
The capabilities of existing concrete structures and buildings are affected by parameters which are hard to estimate because informations about them are often not available. Questions like: Where is the reinforcement located, where are built-in parts? How wide are the foundation stripes under a concrete slab so the load of walls to be build on top may be taken? What is the thickness of the floor slab? Is this crack a surface crack or is this crack a separating crack? Is this ceiling able to carry a certain static load? Such challenges were often solved consevative methods and assumptions, e. g. core drillings, making pessimistic estimates during the evaluation of a crack or the determination of possible loads. The unrealistic assumptions are the common characteristic of these procedures. As a consequence the possible capabilities like the maximum static load capability of a ceiling with respect to a certain safety factor are used only partly, cracks are filled although they do not harm the functionality of the construction or on the other hand buildings are fixed in an unsufficient manner. In almost all cases core drillings are used to gain some information about the inner state of a construction. The remaining holes are a future weak point of the structure although being filled with an approbriate mortar.

Betontest supports you in determining the actual state of your building or structure utilising modern diagnostic techniques. Betontest is active in
  • the performance of ceiling load tests in industrial and residential constructions,
  • the detection of reinforcement and measurement of concrete coverage,
  • the analysis of building damages by means of visual inspection,
  • the detection of voids and honeycombing utilizing ultrasic reflection techniques,
  • the thickness measurement of concrete slabs, floor finish and pavements,
  • the evaluation of adhesion of floor finish and
  • the detection of tendon ducts in pre-stressed concrete structures.
Your are in possession of a building diagnostic task? Then talk to us. We share our knowledge to offer you with the most reliable inspection technique without favoring a certain method in advance. If we cannot offer the right diagnostic technique we support you in finding the right service provider. If the task may not be solved with the existing non-destructive methods we'll tell you. We offer consultance in a neutral way.

Detection of an embedded tube Detection of an embedded tube

Detection of Built In Parts
In the concrete linings of tunnels empty plastic tubes are built in for wiring light and blowers. During the production of the concrete linings these tubes are fixed at the reinforcement. During concreting several of these tubes were moved by the flowing concrete and lost their positions. Only some of the lost tubes could be found by drillings, others which had been pushed far out of the planned position could not be detected with that simple technique. Betontest detected all missing tubes utilizing ultrasound reflection technique so all tubes could be used and cutting of the linings for applying new tubes was avoided.