Noise Measurements
Owners of building sites have to fulfill requirements of noise protection. The noise immissions must not exceed the values specified by the applicable regulations. Betontest Ingenieurdienstleistungen performs therefore longterm observations of noise immissions.

The measurements are based on the german regulation "Allgemeine Verwaltungsvorschrift zum Schutz gegen Baulärm (Geräuschimmissionen - AVV Baulärm)" (German general administrative regulation concerning construction noise). Typical maximum values are 65dB(A) in the daytime and 50dB(A) in the night. This value is exceeded if the evaluation level is greater than the assessment level according to the regulation.

Betontest Ingenieurdienstleistungen performs noise measurements utilising the noise measurement device Bruel & Kjaer 2250. The measurements are carried out at customer or authorities defined locations. At these places measurement data are aquired at a height of 1.5 m in a distance of 3 m to a reflecting wall. Based on the collected data the average sound level is calculated. If significant sounds are present in the noise pattern a correcting value for incommodation has to be applied.

Please read our Sample Report - Construction Site-Related Noise Immissions.

Noise level versus time Noise level versus time

Noise measurements in the surrounding of a large building site
n order to monitor the noise immissions of a building site, the main contractor decided to control the works by noise measurements. The results indicate if a noise reduction action is required.