Our Company
Betontest was founded in 2001 as a result of a joint venture between the consulting engineers Kroggel and Jansohn. The company name Betontest means concrete testing and it describes the offers of the company. These offers are practical and consulting services in the field of non-destructive testing in civil engineering.
After the release of the german guideline RI-ZFP-TU specifying the non-destructive tests of tunnel liners, Betontest was approved as one of the first companies by the german authorities for these tests. Nowadays Betontest and its partner Angermeier Ingenieure have tested more than 20 km of tunnel liners and is the market leader in that segment.
Since the foundation of Betontest the offers were expanded. Highlights are
  • concrete integrity inspection at bridges,
  • load proofs of ceilings in industrial and residential constructions,
  • analysis of building damages by visual inspection,
  • detection of lost pipes in tunnel liners,
  • thickness measurements of concrete shells and plates,
  • evaluation of cracks in concrete buildings which must fulfill a certain tightness against penetrating liquids,
  • detection of tendon ducts and
  • noise measurements.
In addition we help our customers to choose adapted non-destructive testing techniques.

Endoskopy of a void Endoscope in use

Endoscopy of a void
After the detection of a void in a tunnel liner the void is inspected with an endoscope. Such examinations give useful information about the reason why the formwork was unproperly filled with concrete. The findings can be used to improve the production of further blocks.