November 2021: Betontest reduces the number of offered services for an indefinite period

Beginning with november 2021 Betontest reduces the offered services to:
  • noise measurements,
  • vibration monitoring and
  • consulting in the area of building diagnostics.

April 2013: Non-destructive examination of offshore installation piles

Utilizing the ultrasonic inspection method Betontest examined the quality of the concrete filling of steel piles supporting offshore constructions in the Persian Gulf. The ultrasonic probes were positioned by divers. The evaluation of ultrasound data in terms of data quality was carried out on the supply ship immediately after the measurement. The accepted measurement data was electronically transmitted to the Betontests office in Darmstadt, Germany, and evaluated. The results were reported to the site. Diver with probe

January 2011: Betontest monitors site-induced vibrations

Sensitive system areas such as data and control centers can be affected by vibrations in their ability to function. The risk of such vibrations arises particularly in construction activities in the nearby environment. To counteract these vibrations, it requires the determination of plant-related limits and monitoring of the vibrations. Betontest measures these and forwards the collected data to the plant operator. Exceedances of the determined threshold are reported directly via mobile phone to selected recipients. Erschütterungssensor

september 2008: Betontest expands its service and offers noise measurements.

In order to monitor the noise immissions of a building site, the main contractor decided to control the works by noise measurements. The results indicate if a noise reduction action is required. Betontest was asked to get active in that field and expanded its service offerings.

2007: Betonkalender - the german almanac on concrete

Betontest was involved with co-athourship for the preparation of the article Hans-Wolf Reinhardt: Echo-Verfahren in der zerstörungsfreien Zustandsuntersuchung von Betonbauteilen (engl: echo-methods in non-destructive methods of concrete structures)

april 2004: evaluation of the sound velocity fluctuations in self-compacting concrete

A series of ultrasonic measurements on a tunnel lining mockup made of self-compacting concrete showed that the fluctuation of sound velocity in the material is below 3.0%. Versuchstunnel

december 2003: Comparative measurements in tunnel Burgholz, Germany

Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) which is an institute of the German federal agency for road construction initiated comparative wall-thickness measurements according to RI-ZFP-TU at three blocks of tunnel Burgholz. Betontest participated by applying ultrasonic pulse-echo technique. Tunnel Burgholz

august 13th 2002: 8th ECNDT Barcelona

contributions to the 8th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing vom 17.-21.07.2002 in Barcelona. article 1, article 2

march 14th 2002: publication in

In, Volume 7, No. 3 new results of non-destructive investigations on tendon ducts are reported. Read the article.

november 17th 2002: Betontest is certified for the inspection of tunnel linings according to RI-ZFP-TU

Betontest Ingenieurdienstleistungen was certified by Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) for performing measurements and data analysis according to RI-ZFP-TU.